The Video Gamers



Entry #1 The Simpsons Game

Well I've decided to put my blog to good use.  I'll be writing game reviews. First I'll be reviewing The Simpsons Game. I'm a really big Simpsons fan so I was pretty excited when I got it. But it lacked the sense of comedy that made America fall in love with The Simpsons. All the humor was mainly about video game clichés. At the end ( If you don't want me to spoil the ending just skip to the part where I rate the game) they are confronting God and they ask him If he was a video game character. He says no, and then we zoom out, and there's Ralph sitting there playing an X-box 360, and guess what game he's playing? You got it! The Simpsons Game!

Overall I Give this game a 7.5 out of a possible 10. -Fredo

Entry #2 Metroid Fusion

Now I know I've been slacking on  these reviews lately but for future reference I don't write reviews in the Summer.  Next I'll be reviewing Metroid Fusion . The one thing that I really hated was that the enemies are just to powerful. The thing is that they just take away too many units of energy. One bat-like enemy can take away 90 units of energy with one touch! If your a big Metroid fan like me then you'll know that that's a lot of damage. Now for the I give it a C+ not to good. The plot is Samus is on a biological research mission, there she is infected with a parasite called the X. During surgery they remove big chunks of her Varia Suit and is given a minimal chance of survival. The only vaccine the medics can give her is a metroid cell. It kills the X inside her and fuses with her genetic makeup making her part metroid. She can now absorb the X and turn them into energy, missles, and of course Morph Ball Super bombs. The X can also mimic its host. So the X mimics the form of Samus! Creating a copy of her. I don't want to spoil the hole thing for you so I'll just rate it.

Overall I give this game a 7.5 out of a possible 10. The Metroid Retrospective at game -Fredo

Entry#3 Super Mario 64 DS

Today I will be reviewing Super Mario 64 DS. In the first seen you see Princess peach next to a letter she wrote inviting Mario over to the castle, and of course Luigi, and Wario tag along. they go inside but you don't see them leave. You also discover Yoshi is sitting on the roof. I can't quite remember but I think he falls off and a lakitu finds him ( a lakitu is one of those turtles that sit on a cloud.) He is holding a camera. When he wakes up Yoshi he starts to film him. over the courses you can unlock Mario, Luigi, and Wario. As Yoshi you can either eat enemies or stomp on them. Remember if you eat a bob-omb it will explode in your mouth. If you keep enemies in your mouth long enough there bodies will disappear inside you, and it will stiff you on coins.

As Mario you can punch or stomp on enemies. Also in certain levels you will encounter certain enemies where they will snag your hat. If you loose your hat you will be more vulnerable to enemies. If you hold down R and jump, you will do a super jump

With Luigi you can do exactly the same as Mario, except when you do a super jump you will twirl around until you touch the ground. And yes you are still vulnerable to the enemies that grab your hat.

As Wario you can't jump very high. He is overall the worst character in the game. He was slow, could barley jump, and looked as dumb as rocks. The only thing he's good for is breaking black bricks.

Overall I would give this game a 8.9 out of a possible 10. -Fredo

Entry#4 Retro Special Wario Land II

My loyal fans, no matter what tempts you please God PLEASE if you buy one of the gameboy games on sale at game stop what ever you do, do not buy Wario land II. it is so hard I couldn't get past the second level(O.K. so I'm no wiz at video games but you should talk). It starts out when Wario gets up in the morning. He was apparently woken by his enemies in the game. Any who, when he gets up there is a multitude of enemies he must face to shut off his alarm clock. I mean what the hell was that? It took him 5 minutes to get off his butt and turn off his alarm clock? And the buzzing in your ear for the entire time wasn't really helping! After all that he had to go turn off the faucet in the kitchen and I couldn't do it. I mean every time you fall a water current came from the faucet and sweeps you back to the beginning of the room

over all I give this game a 3.9 out of a possible 10. -Fredo

Entry#5 Kirby Squeak Squad

Now I'm not really a big Kirby fan but I think I can say with confidence that out of all the Kirby games I've played so far this was the best! Now it didn't have a very good plot. It goes like this: while in the middle of a picnic Kirby is suddenly robbed by a notorious gang of mice called The Squeak Squad ( hence the title). Too get back his lunch he has to take down THOUSANDS of enemies that range from the harmless little red puffball with small dark Eyes, to COLLOSAL  red whales that breath fire. The whole world is divided into seven sections,  you can even unlock an eighth section that contains any sort of power up imaginable. Each section has a tricky boss that you half to defeat. I don't see why Kirby would go through all this trouble just to get a strawberry shortcake but of course I put up with it.

Overall I give this game an 8.9 out of a possible 10 thank you and please keep reading goodnight.  -Fredo

Entry#6 Star Wars Battle Front II

Star wars Battle Front II was the best game burned onto a PSP disc. It's addictive game play makes up for its rough graphics. in the game you are too assume one position on the battle field. You can be a seperatist, a republican,  an empyreal, or a rebel. You can hunt down your enemy using a detailed map, that shows: Yourself, enemies, colleagues, and enemy weapons. you can jump into an ATAT, or a walkers, or any sort of enemy transport. You use the analog stick to move around and the shoulder buttons to shoot blasters and jump. Through out the game there is only one thing that can effect game play, and it's called Space Battles. while in outer space you battle your enemy by jumping into one-man cruisers and shooting the living crap out of certain key components on the exterior of your enemy's ship.

Overall I give this game a 8.9 out of a possible 10, please keep reading -Fredo ( We will now be writing reviews on a weekly basis!!!)